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The reunion was a great success! Thanks to all of you who were able to make it. Those who weren't -- don't worry, the reunion continues right here!

Welcome to the R.L. Paschal High School Class of 1959 Reunion page. This site has been designed to keep all of our old friends connected and informed of our reunion activities. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write the webmasters, Amy Rork and Gayle Caldwell York at Before you leave, make sure your sign our guestbook, and register to be included on our address list.


Gary Ashmore; Betty Baggett; James Dalton Bewley; James Franklin Boyd; Arthur James Brannon; Bobby Aaron Burton; Lloyd Cockerham; John Daniels; Harry Hoskins, jr.; Larry Lee; Penny Lee; Morton Allen Levinson; Pat Mallicote; Gary William Martin; Mary Lynn Martin Bashein; James (Jim) Murchison; Claudine Newsom McGinnis; William Van Plankey, Jr.; Jo Ellen (Jody) Plummer; Linda Ratliff Mallow; Mary Ann Reed Franklin; Kay Renick; James C. Riley III; Connie Schaar; Charles Terrell; Henry Kirk White; Lynn Chowning Weems; Sharon Nixon Runnels; Stanley Morrow


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